Talladega Fiberglass

About Us

Here at Talladega Fiberglass we have 25 years of fiberglass experience. We come from a vast background of Boat Manufacturing. Everybody on the Talladega Fiberglass team has no less than five years experience in the fiberglass business. We used our knowledge of boat building and incorporated it into our Fenders. We use only the best American made material. We use no fillers in our resins, and only use Owens Corning fiberglass. We are the only fender company using heavy duty knitted 36/10 material in our fenders. This material gives the fenders a very rigid feel, yet will flex without cracking or breaking. this is why we have a two year warranty against cracking or breaking under normal wear and tear. So rest assure that if you buy any product from Talladega Fiberglass you are buying the best built all American made fenders in the market place today!

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